About Us

While researching solutions for his own skin, Nicolas Labovitis came across two skincare sectors:

1) Well established companies that use numerous harmful ingredients on their products, and

2) Young entrepreneurs and influencers who launched their own skincare products but lacked basic understanding of science. These factors resulted in misleading promises to customers and products that either didn’t work, or that did more harm than good.

Using his many years of working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and learning the science for developing medicines to treat rare diseases, Niko founded AphroNick, combining his scientific training with the purest organic ingredients. 

It took him several years of research and development to launch his first product, AphroNick’s Therapeutic Exfoliator.

After Niko made a limited addition of his skin care product and distributed to his friends and family, he received numerous calls praising the properties of the AphroNick exfoliator. The acne, redness, and oily skin of individuals who used the all-organic product transformed into healthy skin.

Though users were extremely encouraging, as a scientist, Niko was skeptical of the feedback. As he gave products to more friends and family, he continued receiving the same positive responses, leading him to realize he’d created a face exfoliator that truly worked.

Niko witnessed that the AphroNick exfoliator not only eliminated his own acne and facial redness, but had positive impact to all AphroNick’s consumers of various skin types.

He decided to launch AphroNick to help the millions of people struggling from acne, redness, oily skin, and to provide them with the confidence and feel-good sensations AphroNick products deliver with every usage. Our consumers refer to our exfoliator as the #1 in the world, because it works every time and delivers great results. All ingredients are 100% organic and come from plants that have therapeutic properties for your skin.

Niko personally endorses and stands by his products. Seeing how much our products have helped our customers—which we refer to as our extended family—the hard work that went into developing the best exfoliator on the market has definitely paid off.

If you want to share how AphroNick is helping you, please send us before and after pictures at contact@aphronick.com. We will gladly feature them on our platforms to spread the message and help our loved ones eliminate their facial redness, acne, and oily skin.

Thank you 

Nicolas Labovitis &  AphroNick Team
BS Biology: Pre-Med
Fitchburg State University

ALM Bioengineering & Nanotechnology
Harvard University

MBA: Management
Fitchburg State University